Law Enforcement / Border Security

The illegal immigration of people and transport of contraband and drugs into our Country occur by way of traversing across, over and under our Borders. The numbers are staggering and every area of weakness is being exploited.

Thousands of airports and airstrips throught our Country and Borders are open to criminal activity, under the radar and non-transponding. It is an area of severe weakness, and where law enforcement find themselves lacking intelligence.

In 2004 TTI recognized the immense challenge of securing our Borders and began developing the capability of independently and non-cooperatively detecting and identifying aircraft.

Working with Airports, State Departments, Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement input, our technology has been developed, engineered, refined, tested, deployed and approved for law enforcement use.
Example: Search for Yellow/High-Wing/Conventional-Tail/Single-Engine/with-Pontoons/with Registration ID on the Fuselage/at All Airports Selected

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By further request of law enforcement users, new development recently drove our system to portability. The Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) 215x is the height of today’s most advanced video imaging and analytics technology uniquely designed for aircraft surveillance.

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Central Surveillance Database, and WASP Software App, together provide the range of capabilities needed for law enforcement and intelligence groups combating illegal activity involving our airports.

As a fully software automated system, you can utilize the Search, Alert, Report and Export features within the WASP Software App or send data directly to 3rd party systems by utilizing our customized Application Program Interface (API).
Example: Results of Search Conducted Across Multiple Airports

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