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The WASP Software App is a small web-services application giving Users permission based access to information in the WASP Central Surveillance Database, fed by ATNIS systems deployed anywhere in the world.

Using the WASP App, data can be searched and cross-searched using a multitude of various criteria from Tail Number, Owner Information, Aircraft Features, Aircraft Characteristics and Engine Characteristics.

As part of our Managed Services, TTI will periodically coordinate updates, ensuring your software is always up to date with the latest performance enhancements.
WASP App – Airport selection by State

WASP App web
SCAINET analyzing

SCAINET ID Extraction web
What is SCAINET?


Data can be viewed, copied to clip board, exported and integrated to 3rd party systems.

As a fully software automated system, airports and agencies can use the features of our WASP Software App and/or utilize our Application Program Interface (API) to send data directly to your systems.

The WASP Database and Software App have been tested by the DHS Integration Laboratory (ILAB) and approved by Department of Homeland Security for operation within the DHS network.

For a full description of software features and capabilities, please inquire about our User Manual.
ATNIS camera

ATNIS Camera web

ATNIS on the Airfield

ATNIS on Airfield web
Unusual ID’s

WASP - Flagging Unusual Tail Numbers web
What is RAMBO?