Airport Operators

With the introduction of the Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) 215x portable aircraft ID camera, airports can now account for all incoming and outgoing aircraft for Safety, Security and Operations Management.

The TTI Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Software App is especially useful to county and municipal airports using control tower logs, fuel sales and based aircraft as a means of estimating their total aircraft movements.
WASP App – Airport selection by State

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The WASP System will automatically Detect, Categorize, Identify, Count and Record every arrival and departure, day and night.

From an airport management standpoint, the information captured by the WASP Central Surveillance Database can help an airport with operational counts, funding, reliable billing, safety, wildlife management and even the means to track down noise abatement offenders.
ATNIS camera

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ATNIS on the Airfield

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