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The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Central Surveillance Database (CSD) is the data hub where ATNIS data from active airports are processed.

The centralized framework of our architecture provides many key advantages, ranging from lower cost to chain of custody to improved performance by association of data in a large database.

Beginning from the first airport deployed in 2005, the WASP CSD continues to expand as new aircraft are continuously added… always improving system performance through higher levels of machine learning and performance of our algorithms.

The WASP CSD and WASP Software App are designed as a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework, allowing small web-service User applications to run from several platforms.

WASP CSD also features external data sources, including the FAA Aircraft Directory, which is used to present known information about North American aircraft identified, along with imagery and metadata recorded of each event.
RAMBO Silhouettes

RAMBO Silhouette Aircraft web
WASP performance metrics on 12″ registration numbers

WASP System Performance - 12inch Numbers web
Example: WASP Event

Helicopter night web

Using our WASP Software App, data can be searched and cross-searched using a multitude of various criteria from Tail Number, Owner Information, Aircraft Features, Aircraft Characteristics and Engine Characteristics.

Data can be viewed, copied to clip board, exported and integrated to 3rd party systems.

As a fully software automated system, airports and agencies can use the features of our WASP Software App and/or utilize our Application Program Interface (API) to send data directly to your systems.

The WASP Database and Software App have been tested by the DHS Integration Laboratory (ILAB) and approved by Department of Homeland Security for operation within the DHS network.

Please contact TTI to discuss specific requirements you might have.
SCAINET vectoring

SCAINET Vector web
WASP system metrics – including 3″ registration numbers

WASP System Performance - All Aircraft web
Example: WASP Event Details

Event Details Canadian Day web