Aeronautical Service

Aeronautical Service Providers (ASP’s) and companies providing airport products and solutions are vital to sustaining the economic activity aviation contributes to the Local, State, National, and Global Economies.

In today’s airport business and commercial industries, ASP’s and equipment suppliers fill a critical role in airport operations with emphasis on safety, capacity, cost-efficiency and customer-focused service.

TTI’s Aircraft Surveillance Division developed the Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) 215x with low cost, portability, accuracy, convenience and open-source in mind.

The fully automated ATNIS 215x video imaging and analytics system is an independent non-cooperative sensor for detecting, classifying, identifying and counting all aircraft.

The system accurately and efficiently detects, classifies, identifies, profiles, counts, records and produces reports on aircraft movements…

While boasting affordability, portability, simple setup, easy maintenance and interoperability with 3rd party Airport Operational Databases (AODB).


The TTI ATNIS camera technology and Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Central Surveillance Database fit a growing requirement of airports to lower operational costs and increase revenue.


1.   Increase Revenue    By capturing data not currently available

2.   Enhance Services    By offering new capabilities driven by extended source data

3.   Improve Performance    By receiving near real-time information

4.   Lower Operating Costs    By automating manual entry of aircraft information

5.   Expand Business    By gaining competitive advantage and key differentiators

Companies providing aeronautical services to airports can utilize our Application Program Interface (API) to feed data directly to your systems, allowing additional service offerings and full integration of WASP data into AODB databases.

With a robust scalable Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework and SQL database, TTI can support your data needs.