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The Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) is the height of today’s most advanced video imaging and analytics technologies uniquely designed for aircraft surveillance.

The system combines Dual Megapixel Sensors, Long Range Infrared (IR) Night Vision, Multi-Mode WIFI, Cellular and GPS Radios, Compass, Lithium Batteries and TTI’s SCAINET Video Processing Engine.

The result is the most advanced level of aircraft detection, classification and identification for today’s airport operations.

With location-aware GPS capability, the ATNIS 215x can be deployed fixed or portable and operate stand-alone or be combined to create a comprehensive airfield surveillance network across one or multiple airports.
ATNIS 215x on the Airfield

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Visual Aircraft Features recorded by WASP

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•   Two dedicated cameras for Day/Night Surveillance
•   Low light 850nm Infrared LEDs do not interfered with pilot safety
•   Multi-Mode WIFI, Cellular and GPS radios connect anywhere
•   TTI’s SCAINET video analytics software preloaded
•   Battery, Solar or 12VDC power for fixed or portable deployment
•   Powder Coated Aluminum NEMA 4x Waterproof Enclosure

The unit is small in size, 9.75”W x 7.5″H x 9.25”D, and is completely Self-Contained. It can be powered by it’s own self-contained batteries, external battery pack or solar system.

As part of our Managed Services, TTI will periodically coordinate updates, ensuring your hardware is always up to date with the latest performance enhancements.
ATNIS camera

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WASP system metrics

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