Airport Operators / Landing Fee Revenue

To support aeronautical billing/landing fees, most Aeronautical Service Providers (ASP’s) rely on flight data from both public and private data services.

In the United States this typically includes National Airspace System (NAS) data of scheduled flights and transponder based data of aircraft flying Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

This works quite well for the majority of traffic on IFR flights. However, aircraft flying Visual Flight Rules (VFR) or outside the Air Traffic Control (ACT) system are missed.

For some commercial service airports the missed flights are estimated to be in the range of $2,000,000 and are left unbilled due to the cost or inability of tracking down each flight.

For the business and general aviation industry the issue is much bigger, as the missed flights are normally a higher percentage of total traffic and represent a larger percent of revenue lost.

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Data is the solution to fill this gap. Our advanced video imaging and analytics technology are an automated, independent and non-cooperative means of capturing all flight movements anywhere on the airfield.

Example: Search Jan 2015 Records for Aircraft ID = N465PC

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Example: Export to Billing Software

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Whether an airport is processing their landing fees internally or outsourcing the task, the data provided by WASP will:

•   Increase Revenue by capturing all aircraft Movements (VFR and IFR).

•   Reduce Manual Labor through automation.

•   Provide Automated Information for rules based billing:

•   Aircraft Tail Number
•   Time Stamp
•   GPS Coordinate and Location Name
•   Flight Direction
•   Home-Base or Transient status
•   Aircraft Type/Make/Model/Weight Class/Engine Type

8 visual aircraft features: Color/Wing Placement/Struts/Tail Type/Location of ID Number/Landing Gear Type/Wheel Pants.

As a fully software automated system, airports and ASP’s can utilize the search, report and export features of our WASP Software App or send data directly to 3rd party billing systems by utilizing our Application Program Interface (API).

Search Results for Aircraft ID = N465PC

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Example: Export the Records to an Excel File

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