Airport Operators / Security/Safety

Breaking and entering airport property after hours can normally be placed into two categories.

1.   Intent to Use.
2.   Intent to Abuse.

The Intent to Use
Usually happens after dark with the intention to use the runways or taxiways for drag racing or similar activity where a lot of space is needed.

Usually no intentional damage is done, but accidental damage to navigation lights, tie downs or parked aircraft are clearly possible. Damage to grass and tarmac areas often do occur.

The Intent to Abuse.
Also primarily happens after dark or when all personnel have left for the day.  Usually the intent is to steal or cause damage to aircraft and/or airport property.

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Central Surveillance Database records these events as a category under incursions.

An incursion event is classified in WASP as either vehicle, person, animal or other and can be searched and counted by Date, Time and Location and programmed to send notifications when they occur.