Products & Services / Maintenance & Warranty

The ATNIS system and all WASP software are fully designed and supported by TTI. Where 3rd party components are used, they are also supported by TTI.  

Manufacturing of the ATNIS units are performed in the U.S. at a “State Of The Art” manufacturing facility using the highest quality manufacturing processes.

In process testing and inspections ensure a product of the highest quality and integrity. After manufacture the units are configured, programmed, subjected to a 48 hour “burn in” period and Factory Acceptance Tested prior to shipping.

Field maintenance of the ATNIS camera is minimal. Periodic cleaning is all it needs.

Preventative maintenance is coordinated by TTI and normally involves software updates or a battery change. 

In the event of damage to external components such as antennas, they can be replaced in the field. Severe damage or problems with internal components are handled by Corrective Maintenance at TTI.

TTI provides a two year 100% warranty on parts and labor.