Board of Directors
•   Thomas G. Albright, Chairman
•   Carol Albright, Secretary
•   Dale Albright, Member
•   James Adams, Sr., Outside member
•   E.C. Sykes, Outsider Member 
Dale Albright – Partner, Chief Technology Officer
Dale Albright was appointed Chief Technology Officer in 2010. He is a highly capable, energetic and entrepreneurial leader in Information Technology, IT Services and Business Development. He built his career through visionary leadership and keen market, product and solutions instincts and exceptional technical and financial skills.
He is a problem solver, excels at building solutions and has strong experience in commercial, international, government and law enforcement markets. As a co-founder, Dale brings strategic vision and tactical execution and serves as a member on the board of directors.
Prior to serving as CTO, Dale joined TTI in 2002 as VP of Engineering, with a vision to develop automated video imaging analytics solutions for aircraft identification throughout the world. He built the system architecture and assembled the TTI engineering team and achieved the successful development of the company’s legacy advanced video imaging and analytics technologies, while leading business development across commercial, State/Federal government and law enforcement markets.
Prior to TTI, Dale led a spin-off of TTI RF Design Labs in 1995, EMC International Inc., a high-tech electromagnetic laboratory in testing, engineering, research and consulting. Serving as President/CEO he developed EMCI into a resounding success and became North Carolina’s first international EMC laboratory. The Company was sold to Flextronics in 1999. Following the sale, he worked diligently to integrate company operations, financial systems, sales teams and strategic objectives and build company growth through 2001.
Dale graduated from Appalachian State University in 1992 with BS degrees in Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.