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TTI Managed Services are specifically designed to ensure the effective operation of the entire system from the ATNIS Cameras in the field to the Central Surveillance Database.

The entire nature of our system is designed as a proactive approach for Intelligence Agencies, Investigation, Law Enforcement and Aeronautical Service Providers needing information… Right Now.


•   Administrator and User Training.

•   Help Desk Support.

•   Preventative & Corrective Maintenance

Monitoring the Performance and Health status of the Hardware, Software       and Network

•  Periodically coordinating updates, ensuring your hardware and software are        always up to date with the latest performance enhancements

There are 15 unique hardware and software status indicators of each ATNIS unit that are being monitored and recorded every 5 minutes.

This data is used to assess system health and performance, ensure continuous operation, predict when a system may go down (i.e. battery running low), help preventative maintenance by knowing the history of a device, and help diagnose a device for corrective maintenance needs.

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