Law Enforcement / Intelligence

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) EXCELS as an intelligence and information gathering tool.

Every time a target passes by an ATNIS Camera it is automatically classified as either an aircraft or incursion.

The TTI SCAINET Video Analytics engine subsequently identifies aircraft, while incursions are further classified as a vehicle, person, animal or other and recorded in the WASP Central Surveillance Database.

Suppose an Event took place during a certain period, but the exact day is uncertain. Conduct a Search.
Example: Search for Vehicles each day from 18:00-20:00 hrs from 3/10/2012 – 3/20/2012

Search Vehicle Time Filter web

Example: Search Results within that Time/Date Interval

Search Vehicle Time Filter Results web

Aircraft can be searched and placed on watch by several combinations of system information and aircraft metadata. Incursions can be searched and placed on watch by Date, Time and Location.

The WASP Software App has strong search and notification criteria allowing an investigator to find and track an aircraft or incursion at one, all, or any combination of airports within the system.

Data searches and programmed alerts can be done over specific Daily Time Intervals within a date range or Continuous Date/Time ranges, giving investigators the most relevant information desired.
Example: Specific Event Sequence

Nogales vehicle day web