Law Enforcement / Drug Interdiction

Due to the freedoms accorded to the aviation community – which we highly value, it is relatively easy to move illegal drugs and contraband around the Country without fear of interdiction.

An aircraft can fly out of an airport or airstrip – stay clear of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) system and land at another airport/airstrip – unchallenged.

No traffic lights, stop signs, speed zones, check points or traffic tickets to worry about. undetected and unidentified. An ideal tool to use for illicit transportation.

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) system is not only a strong deterrent to these types of activities but can also be used for interdiction.

The comprehensive capabilities, search and notification features of the WASP Software App can be used simultaneously by multiple Users, ensuring everyone is getting access to the same information at the same time – a critical component of any mission.