Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is software included with the system?
Yes. The WASP system includes hardware, software and services.  The software includes the TTI SCAINET video analytics engine and WASP Software Application.

What size is it?
ATNIS 215x dimensions are: 9.75″W x 7.5″H x 9.25″D.

How long does it take to setup?
10 minutes. Simply place it on the pole mount stand or available taxiway sign, power up, log in via a wifi mobile device and confirm detection by walk testing.

How will TTI work with me to deploy the system?
TTI has been on a lot of airfields and can help determine the best locations for meeting the systems objective.

Can WASP data be integrated with other systems?
Yes. TTI offers an Application Program Interface (API) to integrate with other data systems. Data can also be exported using our WASP Software App.

Does ATNIS identify aircraft at night?
Yes. ATNIS uses two cameras, one for day and one for night. At night, long range infrared illumination is used to see events.

What is the operational distance range?
ATNIS can be configured with several lenses from 12mm to 50mm and will Detect at 450ft, Classify at 350ft and Identify at 250ft. Typical deployments at small airfields use a 12mm lens at 75ft to 100ft (on or near a taxiway sign). Working with DHS and Hitachi, our software capabilities were demonstrated at 3,550ft.

How does TTI perform software/firmware updates?
Remotely. As part of the Maintenance and Monitoring Services, TTI will periodically coordinate updates, ensuring your systems are always up to date with the latest performance enhancements.

What does TTI monitor?
The health and performance status of the hardware, software and network. There are typically 15 unique hardware and software status indicators of each ATNIS unit being monitored and recorded every 5 minutes. This data is used to assess system health and performance, ensure continuous operation, predict when a system may go down (i.e. battery running low), help preventative maintenance by knowing the history of a device, and help diagnose a device for corrective maintenance needs.


Has FAA approved ATNIS on an airfield?
Yes. FAA approved ATNIS at an airfield in Florida and on the Southern border. Care must be taken to comply with height, setback and frangibility requirements for each type of airfield. Airport staff are aware of the requirements and normally allow installation meeting the requirements without further review.

If an aircraft is on watch, who gets notified?
Notifications are sent to the “Alert Recipients” designated by the User who programmed the watch. The “watch list” feature is User dependent and cannot be shared or viewed by other Users. There is no feature allowing a User to access, view or share the watch list of other Users.

Are there permissions or restrictions on accessing data?
Yes. WASP is a Hierarchy Member Permission driven system, allowing group administrators to assign Users with full rights or various levels of permission and privileges. For instance, a User may be restricted to viewing data at only specific airports in combination with further restrictions from ability to search the airports records, view current events, place aircraft on watch or view or edit the home-based records.

Will our personnel be trained on the WASP system?
Yes. An interactive web training session will be scheduled at your request. For large groups, TTI will be happy to come on site for training. Generally a User can work the system by using our manual. We are available anytime by phone, email and text for any guidance or assistance you need.

Do my Base and Transient customers maintain their privacy?
Yes. The Group Administrator is responsible for setting up User privileges that are consistent with their airport and/or agency policy requirements for data privacy. The systems permissions and privileges form a layered approach to data access and restriction.

Can your system Identify other things, such as Boats, Ships and Containers?
Yes. The nature of our Algorithms make it ideal for other applications. See Media Library.

I didn’t know this capability even existed, why am I just learning about it now?
We’ve had our engineering hats on and were recently advised to put on our marketing hats – “There is a strong need and industry needs to know about it.” Thanks, your recommendations are always appreciated!

Where can I get more information?
Call and talk with one of our staff and periodically check our website for updates at www.ttiwasp.com. A live web demonstration of the WASP system can be scheduled.