Departments of Aviation / Emergency Response

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) System can be a critical tool for emergency response.

The systems ability to search records and create Watch Lists provides the capability of conducting informational searches by aircraft tail numbers or other various Aircraft Features to find past events or send notifications when an aircraft meeting the listed criteria is detected.

WASP not only identifies the aircraft tail number, it also records Visual Features about what the aircraft looks like.

In the case of finding a missing aircraft, only limited information may be known and often times is described by Visual Features.

While the registration number may not be known, visual observation from the ground may be able to reduce the search possibilities.

The WASP Central Surveillance Database contains several Visual Aircraft Features.
Example: Watch for White/Low-Wing/T-Tail/Twin-Engine/Turbo-Prop/with Registration ID on the Tail/at All Airports Selected

Watch List web

•   What color was it?

•   How many engines did it have?

•   What did the tail look like?

•   What did the wing(s) look like?

•   Did it have wing struts?

•   Where was the registration number located?

•   What did the landing gear look like?

•   Did it have wheel pants or pontoons?

These are all Visual Features that can be used within the WASP Software App to help search and locate specific aircraft, allowing personnel to respond quickly, with actionable intelligence.
Example: Notification is Received of Aircraft meeting the Selected criteria

Alert Received web