Telecommunications Technologies, Inc. (TTI) has developed the next generation Video-Based Aircraft Detection, Classification and Identification technology providing real-time integrated data solutions to the Aviation Industry, Aeronautical Service Providers and Law Enforcement to enable better services, safety and security for airports worldwide.

The Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) 215x is the height of today’s most advanced portable video imaging and analytics technologies uniquely designed for independent non-cooperative aircraft surveillance.  

The TTI Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) Central Surveillance Database and WASP Software App fill a critical need for improving airport services, increasing revenue and lowering operational costs.

TTI offers solutions through our WASP Software App and customized Application Program Interface (API) to send data directly to 3rd party systems.  

Software features include Searching, Alerting, Counting, Real-Time Events, Reports and more.

The ATNIS 215x Portable Sensor can be setup and deployed in minutes on airfields anywhere in the world to accurately detect, classify, identify and count aircraft.

TTI offers Turnkey Development, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Training, Maintenance and Support, and Managed Services for accurate, reliable and affordable aircraft surveillance systems and data.