Aeronautical Service / Noise Management

Many airports are situated in noise-sensitive locations. Adherence to noise abatement procedures is a serious concern for these airports, but is often difficult to pinpoint noise offenders, especially those airports without 24-hour service.

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) System is a low cost solution for identifying aircraft that violate noise ordinances.

When an aircraft departs after hours and violates the noise abatement procedures, the WASP Software App can be used to search the records and identify the subject aircraft.

WASP tracks the tail numbers, time and location of all arrivals and departures with a time stamp, flight direction, GPS coordinate, location name and whether the aircraft is Home-Based or Transient, giving operators an instant view of events on their airfield.

The ability of the WASP system to provide this type of information can be vital to sustaining airport operations.