Aeronautical Service / Flight Scheduling

The Worldwide Aircraft Surveillance Platform (WASP) System does not “track” aircraft in the classical sense of radar and transponder based systems, as our technology is an independent and non-cooperative video sensor for detecting, classifying and identifying aircraft at specific locations.

The Aircraft Tail Number Identification System (ATNIS) cameras can be placed at the gates and/or terminal entrance, providing airports and ASP’s complete automated information of what aircraft are in the terminal area and at which gate and for how long.

In 2010, TTI and Saab/Sensis conducted a one month test of our ATNIS camera and WASP software at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to evaluate/compare the performance of our system with the existing MLAT ASDE-X data at a specific taxiway location near a terminal area.

The location was specifically chosen as the “highest traffic area with best Aerobahn ASDE-X coverage.”

After one month of operation, the data sets were evaluated.
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL)

HartsfieldJackson Atlanta web

Three in a Row


Continental N14158


On comparison of the WASP/ASDE-X data, WASP had 3 Additional Aircraft that were not recorded by the Aerobahn system. Two were “dead-tows” and one was later found to have had a broken transponder.

The results showed the reliability and accuracy of the ATNIS sensors and the ability to augment existing commercial airport systems.

By using a layered approach of information systems, commercial airports and ASP’s can improve airport services by maintaining classification and identification of aircraft from gate to gate.

Note: The test also evaluated the complexity of deploying a TTI system.

Results = Non-Complex. The TTI gear was set up on a terminal roof and operational in 4 hours. No site survey, no site preparation, and no drive/walk testing were allowed.
WASP data – showing Long-Range Capability of Identifying Large Aircraft

US Air Ways N700UW

Delta N963CA

American N530EA

Korean Air HL7491

Air France F-GITF

British Airways G-YMMI

Continental N17159